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In 1989, Marsha Geisert founded Integrated Facilities Group, pulling from her experience to create "her kind" of dealership. IFG specializes in Interior Design, Space Planning, Project Management, and providing quality office furniture and healthcare furniture to clients state-wide.  

Our Services

  • On-site consultation.

  • Space planning, including measuring of your site for a precise fit.

  • To-scale layouts and 3D renderings done by a certified design team.

  • Color coordination.

  • Recommending of the right product from our broad list of manufacturers. 

  • Wide range of product availability.

    • Contemporary, Transitional, and Traditional.

    • Metal, Wood, Laminate, Fabric, Leather.

    • Individual desks or large clusters of workstations.

  • The availability to try our Seating and Ergonomic Items.

  • Installation provided by our partner team of installers.

  • Relocating and reconfiguration of your existing product.

  • If necessary, we have Quick Ship programs so we can install within just a few  days.

  • Full support of the products' warranties : if the item you purchased from us has an issue and is covered under warranty, we'll repair it at no charge to you.

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Need a new chair or articulating keyboard tray, but not sure what works best for you? At IFG, we have various products you can try out. You're welcome to visit us and test drive an item to see if it fits your needs before purchasing.


We'll also let you take a chair or keyboard tray to your office and try it under no obligation. We think you'll love it. ​

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